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a fanged world

your data is under attack

your identity and data are neither owned nor controlled by youIf you don’t own your identity you may not be able to own your destiny

You have a digital identity that you do not own. You generate huge amounts of data that is controlled by others. Your identity and data are used to try and track your thoughts and actions, to quantify your worth and value to businesses.

your data may be used to exploit and manipulate youIf you’re not paying for it you are the product being sold

Your data is traded between corporations and used to exploit and manipulate you for commercial gain while keeping you trapped in a deceptive and addictive web of endless consumption.

your data is used to enrich others while exposing you to cyber attacks Cyber exposure is real world exposure. cyber wealth is real wealth.

Your data is collected in ways that expose you to crime and exploitation. you have little privacy and are not able to exercise ownership over your info or realize value from it on fair terms. Your data is open to abuse and then abandoned to the fangs of cyberspace.

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the Internet of me

your data should bend the internet to your needs

Self sovereignty: Own your digital self Your data is your property and possession is 9/10ths of the law

Your digital twin is your digital self. It is the sum of all activities from your mental self and physical self that have or can be recorded digitally. own it. it belongs to you. It is your property. It is you.

Self worth: Your data is valuable. take control of it Your data is worth more to many than your money

Your data is extremely valuable. it is worth more to corporations than your money which is why they claim to give you “free” services for it. These services are anything but free. Know your worth and be fairly compensated for it.

Self flow: Be safe, prosperous and free Data ownership and control enable frictionless life flow

Your data should work for you. It should improve your life and the lives of those that you care for without exposing you to harm. With the power of your identity and data in your hands value and benefits can stream to you, enriching your life flow.

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the future of personal data is here

metâpods (aka mPods) are a new kind of programmable information objects that have standardized metadata enabling security and access rules to be tailored or applied de facto by type. Access is restricted to authorized entities based on content and context.
  • Contract Layer
  • Meta Layer
  • Core Assets


from clean data to Smart Assets™

mPods are to data what crypto tokens are to money. They are color coded according to how identifiable they make you and scored according to their data's sensitivity. Green mPods have no identifiable data, amber ones do and red ones contain confidential data. mPods are smart assets™ combining digital assets and smart contracts in a new building block for the web 3.0, data economy. They are non-fungible crypto assets that store information in the same way tokens are fungible assets that store value. Together both complete the crypto economy.
  • Confidential

  • Identifiable

  • Non Identifiable

metâme: your digital twin

metâpods align crypto money with Smart Data™

metâme: your digital selfYou belong to you

metâme is your digital twin. It is you in cyberspace. It is your digital self, stored and protected in your data vault. The more data you add to your twin the more valuable and useful it may become.

metâmart: ethical data exchangeYou decide who can access you, when, where and how you want

metâmart is a marketplace where you can sell mPods with snippets of your personal data to different organizations in exchange for Krypto Koins, our ecosystem currency. metâmart is built on principles of ethical data and fair, mutual value exchange.

metâpods + Krypto Koins: smart data™ & crypto moneyEnrich your life with your data. grow and flow

With metâme data is shared via mPods - crypto information assets that are encrypted and programmable. mPods are smart and ensure that the minimum data about you required to complete a task is exchanged, for maximum Koins.

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krypto koins – the token for your data and digital life

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  • derek wyatt

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